Fourteen competitors were selected to the Second Round

Fourteen competitors will continue in the second round. The pianists are:


Alasaarela, Hannu, Finland
An, Tianxu, China
Bouterey-Ishido, Jun, New Zealand
In, So Hyang, South Korea
Jalkanen, Väinö, Finland
Kim, Jiyoung, South Korea
Kim, Yedam, South Korea
Lapaz Lombardo, Enrique, Spain
Lopatynskyi, Roman, Ukraine
Melemed, Mackenzie, United States
Park, Hyo-Eun, South Korea
Parkhomenko, Daria, Russia
Suh, Hans H., South Korea
Wong, Evan, United States

There are four second rounds (24–25 August). Six pianists will be selected to go through to the finals and their names will be announced after the last second-round performance on Friday evening, 25 August. The competition will be held at the Helsinki Music Centre.

The work commissioned for the competition – Arabesques et adages – was composed by Kaija Saariaho and is an elective work in the second round. Competitors may, in the second round, alternatively play a work composed by the competitor, or improvise for not more than 10 minutes on a theme devised by Jukka Nykänen and issued 20 minutes beforehand.

The second rounds will be streamed to the lower foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre (1st floor European style). The second rounds will begin at 10.00 and 17.00 in the Camerata Hall on 24 and 25 August. Admission to the lower foyer is free.

The whole competition is being streamed worldwide by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) and broadcast in Finland on Yle Radio 1 and the Teema & Fem TV channel.


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comissioned work by Outi Tarkiainen

The commissioned work for the competition was composed by Outi Tarkiainen. Competitors may, in the second round, alternatively improvise on a theme. The theme is issued 20 minutes before performance.

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