comissioned work by Outi Tarkiainen

Outi  Tarkiainen  is  a  Rovaniemi-born  composer,  whose  works  have  earned  well-deserved  admiration  around  the  world.  Her  works  have  been  commissioned  and  performed  by  the  BBC  Philharmonic  and  the  Radio  Symphony  Orchestra.  Tarkiainen’s work includes stage performances, orchestral and chamber music, and  music  for  soloists  and  jazz  orchestras.  In  2019,  her  work  Midnight  Sun  Variations premiered at the BBC Proms Festival and her opera A Room of One’s Own premiered in Germany in May this year. Her commissioned composition Tenderness, composed for the International Maj  Lind  Piano  Competition,  is,  according  to  the  composer,  a  musical  study  on  tenderness.

“No  matter  how  obscure,  intangible  and  fleeting,  the  power  of  tenderness  sustains  all  humanity.  We  all  need  tenderness.  The  work  alternates  between  various  jingling  and  gossamer  textures  that  gradually  converge  into  timbral  clouds,  eventually  dispersing  into  a  rustic  hymn.  I  composed  the  piece  holding  my baby boy in my arms”, Tarkiainen says.

Tarkiainen graduated with a Master of Music degree from Sibelius Academy in 2010, after which she continued her studies at the Guildhall School of Music in London and the University of Miami.

Photo Sigel Eschkol
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